Delivery and/or Installation Information:

We value your time and your business. In order to provide your facility with the best value and smoothest after-order process we’ve included this helpful information.

Drop Shipped is the term we use when we ask the manufacturer to directly ship your products from the factory to your facility. This is the most cost effective way to order furniture; there isn’t an added cost for the labor of delivery and installation. Drop shipments work best when the facility has a dock. With drop shipments there is no consolidation point. Thus, products ordered together from different manufacturers will arrive as shipped by each manufacturer. Please be aware that your facility should expect to be responsible for the following:

Delivered & Installed describes the level of service where we coordinate with our local or nearest by installation partner to handle the delivery and installation for you. We recommend this service level for larger and/or more complex projects. We’ll take care of the following:

*Standard delivery and installation is based on a non-union crew working during normal business hours with the use of an elevator if applicable. If a union crew, non-standard working hours, or accommodations for a non-standard site condition are required please let us know so that you are not surprised by the additional costs and we can coordinate appropriately with our installation partners to better serve your facility.

Coordination: If your project includes the need for electrical or low voltage coordination it is helpful to have the electrician and low voltage vendor on site at the time of delivery so that their work can be completed in conjunction with the furniture installation.

Other Labor: If your project includes the need to remove existing furniture (and occupants) from the installation site prior to installation please complete this before the installation crew arrives. If you would like to have the furniture relocated or reconfigured, please let us know early so that you are not surprised by the additional costs and so that we can coordinate appropriately with our installation partners and better service your facility.

Freight & Tax: Unless otherwise noted on the proposal, freight and any applicable taxes are not included.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to take care of your furniture needs. Please let us know how we can help.